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Plunger Toss

Yes, that is right – you are seeing toilets. Several years ago a camper of Family Paradise brought this game to us. I am not sure if he created it or if he played it somewhere else. But either way this is now a traditional. This is one of the favourite weekends for our Seasonal and Weekend Campers alike. Book with us that weekend and find out if you are any good at Plunger Toss

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Special Visitors to the Park

We have had several different visitors to the park over the years from the Shriners in their funny cars to a Petting Zoo, and several live bands. We have even had Dinosaurs visit us not once but twice, watch the videos below if you don’t believe me.

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Constructive Boat Races


Sports and Activities

There are several activities available at the park. Horseshoes, scheduled times, and on your own, volleyball, baseball (tournaments for children and adults once each summer) soccer, basketball, and shuffleboard. Along with water sports of paddle boat, kayak, and paddleboard rentals. You can pick up balls, shuffleboard equipment, can jam, lawn Yahtzee and life jackets at the store or at The Hut.